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With over 40 years experience in the gas industry we know what it takes to produce high quality drinks dispense gas. The result is the perfect pour every time!

Our range of food grade beer gases are available to collect from a large number of suppliers across the UK.

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Quality Beers Deserve A Quality Finish!

Hobbybrew; The home of high quality, rent free beverage gas cylinders.

Hobbybrew manufacture food grade beer gas meeting the highest quality and safety standards. Our rent free cylinders are perfect for craft brewers, small restaurants and for those dispensing beer at home.

To begin, use our agent finder to locate your nearest supplier of Hobbybrew beer gas, call in and pay a one-off refundable deposit* and first gas fill, no account needed and no rental!

Our cylinders are capable of dispensing over 800 pints of beer – costing as little as 3p per pour!

Using poor quality gas can spoil the taste of your drinks, so why settle for a poor quality product?

Don’t settle for less, your drinks deserve the best!

* a small administration fee applies.

Premium Quality

Professional food grade gas range, filled and blended in a Quality Assured gas production site.

Nationwide Availability

Being able to get the product when you need it most.

No Account Necessary

Ideal for low volume users, small restaurants and cafés

Pay As
You Go

No monthly rental charges, pay for gas refills as you go.

Reputable Supplier

ISO9001 registered business, established in 1978.






4p per pint

Easy drinking lagers, ambers, sessions and ciders

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4p per pint

Rich and creamy stouts, bitters and traditional ales

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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide




3p per pint

Highly carbonated lagers, IPA’s, pilsners and American sours

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