Gas Cylinders






4p per pint

Easy drinking lagers, ambers, sessions and ciders


You may have noticed my shoulder colour has changed.
We are bringing our 60/40 cylinders inline with BS EN 1089-3 so you may receive a green or white shouldered cylinder for a little while. Don’t worry, it is still the exact same gas in the cylinder!

60/40 is well rounded and balanced product used frequently in hospitality – it is the preferred gas recommendation for many lager breweries – balanced mouthfeel.

Typically used for craft lagers, pale ales, ambers, easy drinking sessions and ciders.

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"Quality is Paramount"

"The quality of the gas we use when brewing and packaging our beer is paramount. It ensures our beer is packaged with the exact level of carbonation that we want to achieve, every time."

Neil Thomas
Allendale Brewery