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General FAQs

Who are Hobbybrew?

Hobbybrew is a division of Dixons Gas Ltd.

Dixons Gas have been supplying high quality drinks dispense products throughout the North East, Borders and Central Scotland for over 40 years. We are an ISO 9001 registered company, a member of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA) and have received accreditation from the Brewing Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers Association (BFBi).

When it comes to quality and safety, you can count on Hobbybrew.

Can you refill my old bottles?

It is illegal for anyone to fill a cylinder belonging to another supplier.

By purchasing a Hobbybrew cylinder, you are receiving a product which has been tested and manufactured to the highest European and British Standards.

Using cylinders which are not correctly checked and tested can be dangerous.

How do I get a Hobbybrew cylinder?

Find your nearest Hobbybrew agent and deal directly with them. They'll be able to provide your first cylinder and any subsequent refills.

Do you supply dispensing equipment?

Not really, though you could ask your local agent. We like to focus our attention on supplying high quality food grade dispense gas.

Dispense equipment, gas detection devices and maintenance services should be available from your local beer gas/drinks dispense system suppliers. The BFBi trade directory is an excellent source for accredited companies who can offer these products and services; Visit BFBi here

How much are your cylinders?

RRP for gas refills are £29.99 including VAT and there is a one off deposit charge of £70. If you choose to hand your bottle back for good, you will receive a refund of £58 (£70 - £12 admin charge).

Please note: gas refill pricing is just advisory. Pricing for gas is set by the individual agents. We would always recommend contacting your nearest agent.

Deposit FAQs

How much is the deposit?

There is a one-off deposit of £70 for each cylinder. You can keep the cylinder as long as you like and refill it as often or as little as you need. If you choose to return the cylinder for good, the deposit is refundable minus a small administration charge.

How long can I keep the cylinder?

There are no time restraints on how long you keep a Hobbybrew cylinder. Simply pay for a refill when the time comes or return the cylinder for a refund if it is no longer required.

What is the administration charge?

A small administration charge of £10 +VAT is applied to cylinders being returned for refund.

What do I do if my cylinder is faulty?

In the unlikely event of purchasing a faulty cylinder, take your cylinder back to the agent as soon as possible. Once the cylinder has been returned and tested, if a fault is found, a credit can be given to the agent - the agent can then issue a refund to you.

What happens if I lose my copy of the deposit form?

Please keep your deposit form safe - it is proof of purchase for the deposit paid and is required to received your refund.

Gas FAQs

Why is gas required to pour the perfect pint?

Carbon Dioxide adds that refreshing fizz you enjoy on a summer’s day, where a higher Nitrogen content produces a higher quantity of smaller bubbles, producing a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Gas has a significant effect on the end product and enhances the overall experience you have when consuming a nice beer from your favourite brewers.

My gas isn't lasting long, what can I do?

Check your system for leaks and make sure you turn the cylinder off when you are finished using it - a small leak can empty a cylinder quite quickly.

Do I need to refill at the same agent?

Hobbybrew gas cylinders can be refilled at any authorised agent, great if you're moving home!

"Quality is Paramount"

"The quality of the gas we use when brewing and packaging our beer is paramount. It ensures our beer is packaged with the exact level of carbonation that we want to achieve, every time."

Neil Thomas
Allendale Brewery